Saunders Global is a retail design architectual firm specialising in shopping centres.
With 30 years experiences in master planning, concept and interior design.

Retail Architecture is a practical approach to operational imperatives to avoid mass variations and dysfunctional builds, this pragmatic approach is carefully balanced with the brand intent of the retail area to attract and maintain the consumer loyalty. Saunders Global has extensive experience in both greenfield development and refurbishment projects of distressed retail properties. 


We excel in analysing architectural projects from the inside out, with a focus of creating people friendly retail interiors.  Saunders have a reputation of never failing to deliver successful projects, which stand the test of time. 


Projects include: Madura Park, City Cross Shopping Centre and Al Ain Mall. 

Successful Retail Master Planning starts with a fundamental mapping of the retailing positioning and customer experience that will later influence the key success factors and overall design elements of your retail project. At this stage it is vital to establishing the key criteria of why something will exist, what its advantages are going to be and why is it will work


To understand and deliver this Saunders Global incorporates a holistic view of the area demographics, competitive positioning of the retail offer and its feasibility in relation to key destination anchor tenant.


This includes; 

·       Competitive analysis of local market and area.  Analysis includes both retrospective and forecasts

·       Horizontal and vertical circulation

·       Consumer Behaviour

·       Saunders knowledge of which retail formats work. Selecting tenant location that assist Shopping Centre Owners plan a successful centre

·       Destination and Precinct planning

·       Seeing a shopping centre as a brand and ensuring that the strategic positioning works

·       Economic viability, assisting the client to optimize their return on investment


Projects include: Sarah Centre (Dubai, UAE), Hallet Cove, Top Ryde Shopping Centre, Cherrybrook and Warriewood Shopping Centre. 

With the focus on urban planning to increase the usability of metropolitan town centres that have access to transport, there has become an increased trend towards mixed used developments, incorporating; retail, commercial and residential in one high density location. 


Saunders Global have always been at the leading edge of retail as 'town centres' not just shopping. With the increase of online shopping it is imperative that shopping centres evolve into people places that provide a broad range of experiences from alfresco dining to coffee shops, gym's, medical centres, child care, day spas and food and retail shopping.



Projects include: Coles Carringbah, Top Ryde Shopping Centre, Bridge Point Shopping Centre and Wentworth Point. 



Paul Saunders (our CEO) currently assists many large-scale developers as a Retail Expert.  Paul often works alongside owner’s, architects and designer’s, assisting with strategic repositioning and planning of their retail assets, to achieve the highest and best financial outcomes.


Find out more about Paul Saunders Here.


Projects include:  Lane Cove Council, Bake House Quarter, Coles (Norwood) and Sydney Customes House. 





Saunders is always at the forefront of new design concepts and precinct planning.  Shopping centres have changed dramatically over the last ten years, and customers now want a different shopping experience.  Globally shopping centres have changed from places where customers just go to shop, to becoming places where the local community gather.  As such many shopping centres have changed their trading hours and have planned areas where people can dine in the evening.  Thus the design within many of the new centres reflects a more social and relaxed atmosphere, with a very different tenancy mix compared to older centres.


Projects include: Ryde Shopping Centre, Unley Shopping Centre, Cherribrooke Shopping Village and Majura Park. 



Saunders design and document in 3D in order to help our clients understand the full implications of planning and design options.

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